Designer Bio

Mahchid MottaleMahchid Mottale is truly a cosmopolitan woman. Born in Persia and raised in Italy, she has spent most of her adult life living and traveling around the world. Her passion for art, textiles and jewelry took her from Venice, Italy to India, Turkey, Bali, Central America and back to Europe. Wherever she traveled, she studied, designed and eventually collected.

While living on the magical Island of Bali, she was inspired to draw on the imagination and craftsmanship of batik textiles and hand beading. She developed a cottage industry for the women in the villages and created multiple collections under the label Baik Baik, now prized as collectibles for their unique prints and fine quality. She eventually settled in the beautiful tropical Islands of Hawaii and raised her two daughters while continuing to expand her various fashion lines.

Mahchid developed a special intimacy with the cultures she visited and an appreciation for the materials craftsmen use. She realized her gathering of unique components would enable her to present special collections which would showcase her cultural discoveries into her designs.

In the last few years she has visited New York often. Feeling it’s inspired and dynamic energy, she decided it’s the place to return to her hand craft and design of one of a kind pieces. This transformation gave birth to the new collection called La Bo Em Designs that now includes special jewelry and re-designed textiles into a wearable and fashionable art form.

Using tribal inspiration to incorporate her unique, curated components, she is creating individual pieces outside the ordinary fashion norms. Their value is enhanced by the rarity of materials and their talismanic, symbolic qualities recollected from their cultures of origin.

Her current works include:

  • Textile re-designing
  • Textiles from around the world are redesigned into unique hand bags and accessories. Each carefully crafted with recognition of the culture, history and aesthetics from which they were derived.

Collected Jewelry
Mahchid pays loving homage to the passage of time using old components with a decided patina transforming them into fresh wearable art. Old pieces from India, Morocco, and Asia are reborn with her designing touch yet maintain their mystery and talismanic properties.

Jewelry for the Soul
Mahchid has recently collaborated with internationally renowned crystal expert, Anna Michielan from Bali. Together they developed a stunning and unique crystal and gem collection for La Bo Em Designs. Mahchid is planning to evolve the crystal jewelry and work further with the subtle power and influence that comes from gem stones. With the deep knowledge of Anna Michielan, she is offering an array of pieces that go beyond the purpose of adornment and become tools for inner transformative process, mindfulness and health enhancement. With the superior integrity of materials that are naturally sourced and never treated or dyed, and the awareness of their unique properties, the crystals and gems of La Bo Em Designs are differentiated from most jewelry, designed to bring alluring beauty, positive energy and enjoyment.